haryana gk in hindi pdf 2022 – haryana gk in hindi book

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haryana gk in hindi pdf 2022 Haryana General Knowledge Pdf Download in Hindi Language haryana gk in hindi pdf 2022 – haryana gk in hindi book हरियाणा सामान्य ज्ञान हिंदी में PDF format HSSC and SSC Exam

haryana gk in hindi pdf 2022

हरियाणा सामान्य ज्ञान पीडीएफ

Haryana Current Affairs pdf
haryana gk in hindi pdf 2021
haryana gk in hindi book

हरियाणा 1000 सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्न उतर

haryana gk in hindi pdf 2022 – haryana gk in hindi book

1. When did the Haryana Sahitya Akademi be formed?
Answer – 09 July 1970
2. Where does the international craft fair in Haryana feel?
North-Suurajakund (Faridabad)
3. When does the Suurajakund craft fair feel?
Response-from 1 to 15 February per year |
4. Who is considered to be the most churched and popular folk poet in Haryana?
Answer-Pandit Lakhmichand |
5. Which district of Sultanpur National Park is located in Haryana?
6. Which district is the Kalesar National Park in Haryana?
7. Where is the crocodile breeding centre located in Haryana?
North-Bhaur Saidan (Kurukshetra)
8. Where is the vulture conservation and breeding centre in Haryana located?
North-Pinjaur (Panchkula).
9. Where is the peacock and Chinkara breeding centre in Haryana?
North-Jhabua (Rewari).
10. Where is the Indian National Defence University being created in Haryana?
North-Binola (Gurgaon).
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11. Where is the Central University of Haryana located?
North-Jat-poly (Mahendargarh), haryana gk in hindi pdf 2022
12. Is the Haryana situated among the latitudes?
North-27.39 ′ to 30.55 ′.
13. What is the Deshantaron between Haryana?
North-74.28 ′s to 77.36 ′ BC. Located at the center of longitude.
14. Which river defines the eastern border of Haryana, apart from Uttar Pradesh?
North-Yamuna River.
15. What is the state of which all tourist places are named after the birds?
16. How population according to the census of Haryana 2011?
North-253.53 lakh.
17. How much is Nadu in Haryana according to the census of Sun 2011?
18. How much is the population density of Haryana as per the census of Sun 2011?
19. When did the British find Haryana in Punjab?
In north-Sun 1858.
20. What is the demarcation of the Punjab-Haryana Commission?
North-JC Shahe Commission.
21. According to the Sun 2011 census, in which state is the lowest proportion at 1000 male per women?
22. Where did Razia Begum’s Bradri?
23. When was the Bradri of Razia Begum?
North-1240 E.
24. When did the first war of Panipat?
North-1526 E.
25. What happened between the first war of Panipat?
North-between Ibrahim Lodi and Babar |
26. Who was victorious in the first War of Panipat?
27. The childhood of Sher in which district of Haryana elapsed?
28. Where are the tombs of Sher Suri’s grandfather Ibrahim copyrights?
North-Narnaul, haryana gk in hindi pdf 2020
29. When did the second War of Panipat?
North-1556 E.
30. What was the second war of Panipat?
North-between Hemu and Akbar

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