General Knowledge GK in English 2021 Download free pdf in Hindi and English

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General Knowledge GK in English 2021 Download free pdf in Hindi and English general knowledge 2021 essential ‘knowledge capsule’ in general awareness & current affairs

1. where the Buddha was enlightenment? Bodh Gaya
2. the establishment of Arya Samaj who? Swami Dayananda has
3. What is the script of the Punjabi language? Gurmukhī
4. dakshintam edge of the Mainland of India which? Kanyakumari
5. in what State does the Sun in India? Arunachal Pradesh
6. What is the use of insulin in the treatment of the disease? Diabetes
7. What is the famous festival of bihu State? Assam
8. which vitamin abundant in pulp? Vitamin C
9. who was the first Governor General of India? William baintik
10. in which country invented paper? China
11. what was the name of Gautama Buddha’s childhood? Siddharth
12. India is the highest of the armed forces who in General? President
13. What is rataundhi from lack of vitamins? Vitamin A
14. What is the State Festival of pongal? Tamil Nadu
15. giddha and what state folk dance bhangada? Punjab
16. who invented the television? John Logie
17. who was the first woman of India shasika? Razia Sultan
18. fish whose support breath? Gill slits
“Inquilab zindabad ‘ 19. who? Bhagat Singh
20. when and where the Orchard murder case got underway on? 1919 e. Amritsar
21. after leaving Congress in 1939 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose founded what team? Forward block
22. who is called the ‘ Punjab kesari ‘? Lala lajpat Rai
23. sanders who killed? Bhagat Singh
24. the revolt of 1857 ad who gave their first sacrifice? Mangal Pandey
25. India’s first woman governor who? Sarojini Naidu
26. the first woman to climb Mount everest on who? Santosh Yadav
27. the brahman society was founded by whom? Raja rammohan Roy
28. what was the original name of Swami Dayananda Saraswati? Mulshankar
29. who gave loton ‘ towards the Vedas? Dayananda Saraswati
30. Ramakrishna Mission who founded? Swami Vivekanand
31. when vaskodigama came to India? 1498.
32. where was vaskodigama of? Portugal
33. air Castle where is located? Jaipur
34. What is the founder of Sikhism Sikh guru is considered? Guru Nanak
35. which is the major festival of the Sikhs? Crutches
36. ‘ iron man ‘ What masters called? Sardar Patel
37. What are called Bose lived? Subhash Chandra Bose
38. What does Delhi Lal Bahadur Shastri’s mausoleum is the name? Vijay Ghat
39. who is the writer of the Mahabharata? Maharshi wadowice
40. who wrote the book called economics? Chanakya (kautilya)
41. Jai jawan, Jai Kisan ‘ who? Lal Bahadur Shastri
42. the permanent President of the constituent Assembly who? Dr. Rajendra Prasad
43. the format of the constituent Assembly Committee Chairman who? Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar
44. what world Red Cross day is celebrated to date? May 8
45. What is the name of the country of the Sunrise is famous in the country? Japan
46. International Women’s day is celebrated on which date? 8 March
47. in terms of area the smallest State in India who – which? Goa
48. What is the famous festival of ONAM State? Kerala
49. India’s capital Delhi, when Bunny? 1911
50. What is the most vivid planet? Fri
51. What is the national animal of India? Tiger
52. What is the national bird of India? Peacock
53. India which is the national aquatic creatures? Gangetic dolphin
54. What is the National fruit of India? Common
55. What is the national flower of India? Kamal
56. What is the national tree of India? Banyan
57. What is the national game of India? Hockey
58. the length and width of India’s national flag ratio much? 3:2
59. who wrote the national anthem of India? Rabindranath Tagore
60. What is the national anthem of India? Vandematram
61. who wrote the national anthem of India? Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
62. the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi first who said? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
63. What is our national calendar? Saka
64. What is the period of singing the national anthem? 52 seconds
65. who discovered rediyoaiktivta? Henry berkeley has
66. what part of the body from respect of pace? Heart
67. which gland of the human body is called the master gland? Piyush gland
68. What is the most pure form of carbon? Diamond
69. who invented x-ray? Ranting
70. what metal was used first by humans? Copper
71. How has astronaut during the external sky? Black
72. who invented the telescope? Galileo had

General Knowledge GK in English 2021 Download free pdf in Hindi and English

73. What does the name Mahatma Gandhi’s mausoleum in Delhi? Rajghat
74. where the first train in India lasted from where? By Bombay (presently Mumbai) police station
75. for the first time in India which has been introduced into the City metro train service? Kolkata
76. what happened at the beginning of the year the railway in India? 1853
77. who were the first Indian astronaut? Squadron leader Rakesh Sharma, 1984
78. who was the first woman Chief Minister India? SMT sucheta kriplani
79. the first Chief Minister of Haryana who? PT. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma
80. when the United Nations was established? 24 October 1945
81. where is located the headquarters of the United Nations? New York
82. the first United Nations Secretary-General who? Torrelavega
83. at this time how many of the United Nations country Member? 193
84. the United Nations Security Council members how many country? 15
85. the United Nations Security Council permanent members how many country? 5
86. where the International Court? In the Hague, Holland
87. who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations? Ban-Ki-moon
88. the United Nations General Assembly speech in Hindi Indian who? Atal Bihari Vajpayee

89. the United Nations Security Council how temporary members are selected for the year? 2 year (s)

90. What is the 193van of the United Nations Member country? South Sudan

91. what vitamin deficiency blood no longer rukav? Vitamin K

92. when Hindi day celebrated? September 14th

93. what article of the Constitution was declared the national language Hindi by? Article 343

94. in the event of the Olympic Games gold medallist who is the only Indian? Abhinav bindra

95. celebration of the Olympic Games after how many years? 4 years

96. where the Olympic Games in the year 2016? Rio de jinero

97. when the international human rights day is celebrated? December 10
98. What breed of Haryana is famous Buffalo? Murrah

99. where the famous sheetla Mata Mandir Temple? Gurgaon

100. huge Haryana party who was created? Rao Virendra Singh

101. the area of Haryana is how much square kilometers? 44212

102. the first Chief Minister of Haryana who? Bhagwat Dayal Sharma, Rahul

103. most countries begin with sthalsima of which country? China

104. barometer reading what a sharp decline in the indicator? Storm

105. What is the name of a desert of India? Thar

106. in which state the Kaziranga National Park? Assam

107. in which direction the earth revolves on its axis? From West to East

108. Ujjain settle what River? Shipra

109. which of the following metals is most conducive of electricity? Silver

110. dung gas is found mainly in what? Methane

111. “freedom is my birthright, and I’ll be taking it” who said? Lokmanya Tilak

112. the choice of the members of the Council of States is how period? छह वर्ष 113. Hindi language which is the script? Devanagari

114. What is the name of our Galaxy? Milk mekhalā or Milky

115. Hindi language newspaper was the first what? Martand udant

116. According to what is written in Hindi language tulsidaskrit dialect? Awadhi language

117. rajyakvi of Haryana who are called? Udyabhanu Swan

118.118. Where and when the introduction of the modern Olympic Games? In 1896 Athens (Greece)

119. India has in game 8 times in the Olympic Games gold medal? Hockey

120. India had last won a gold medal in hockey where and when? 1980 Moscow

121. after how many years of organizing the Olympic Games? 4 years

122. International Olympic Committee headquarters where is located? Loosen (Switzerland)

123. where the Olympic Games February 2012? London

124. how many shells in the Olympic flag? 5

125. the player with the most winning an Olympic gold medal? Michael phelps

126. where the Olympic Games in the year 2020? Tokyo (Japan)

127. in the year 2012 Olympic Games bronze medallists sayna is what concerned game nehwal? Badminton

128. India had participated in the Olympic Games for the first time was what year? The year 1900

129. the first Indian woman to win a medal in the Olympic Games player? Karnam malleshwari

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