current gk in hindi-3/4 Current Affairs Questions & Answers

By | April 23
current gk in hindi-3/4 Current Affairs Questions & Answers Hindi Current Affairs 2021 for Bank Exams, SSC Exams, IAS / PCS Exams, UPSC Exams
current gk in hindi-3/4 Current Affairs Questions & Answers
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What is the land acquisition Bill?

India got the law until 2020 in land acquisition work primarily in the realm of law in 1894. But Mohandas Government largely had given her three provisions in tax. These impact on society in the land acquisition, were related to people’s consent and compensation. In December last year, Modi brought an Ordinance by the Government. Some changes in the land acquisition law upâ while. But the opposition are by these changes. Let us know about the finer points of this Bill
1. impact on society has been the provision concerns
Social impact assessment could have exposed these thing with the help of land for what will be the impact of this on society there. Because the effect of the land acquisition only large farmers or landowners would not only on small farmers and labourers also there are years that are working on the ground. If they do, where the ground will take.
2. get rid of securing people with kind permission
Was a provision in the laws of the 2013 people take consent from. The Government and private companies share 80% of the affected landowners in the project‘s consent was necessary. These government projects was 70 percent. The new law it has been finished. Defense, rural electricity, for home and industrial corridors garibon projects like 80 per cent of people won’t need sahmiti.
3. no compensation increase
Revision in the rate of compensation is the same as before. The market value of the land price quadrupled in the countryside and towns of double. The only difference is that the film-makers by eliminating a provision bearing on government compensation limit is restricted to only those whose name is ground. While the old law contains a provision to provide compensation to all people, who depend on the land.
4. ground barren or fertile matter will
The Government has put a priority on the list of the five sectors for the land acquisition while it will not be seen that she is barren or fertile ground. As was the case of searing. Now will take him without questioning the Government.
5.13 and laws into land acquisition
The move is believed to be in favor of the farmers. Under the law and in the country, which is the land acquired. But there was no solid system of compensation and rehabilitation. Now land acquisition under the law there will be compensation and rehabilitation in all cases will be made. The cases will get advantage of it, they are all clearances have been obtained, the National Highway Act Energy Act, petroleum & mineral pipe lines Act, an trisiti Act, etc.

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