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ibps current affairs and General Knowledge All important Latest Current Affairs G.k Questions For IBPS Bank Clerk Po Exam ↪↩

Preparation of competitive examinations North 1. the eleventh ODI World Cup Cricket Tournament who was the ' man of the tournament "? (A) Michael Clarke (Australia) (B) Brendon mccullum (New Zealand) (C) James phaknar (Australia) (D) Mitchell stark (Australia) 2. What is the origin of jojdindi in the district? (A) shift (B) nagore (C) Udaipur (D) jalaur 3. gvaliyarke who was the court musician of ruling values Singh Tomar? (A) baiju (B) PT. Vishnu Narayan bhatkhande (C) owner haridas (D) the Moon khan 4. what year was the first municipality rajasthanmen? (A) in 1862 ad (B) in 1863 ad (C) in 1864 a.d. (D) in 1865 ad 5. What is the name of the capital of uttariameriki country Costa Rica? (A) San Jose (B) limon (C) San Francisco (D) alajuela 6. rajyapunargathan the Commission's recommendation was the restructuring of Rajasthan on day? (A) 1 November 1956 (B) 1 November 1957 (C) 1 November 1958 (D) 1 November 1959 7. sarasvatikanthabhran who compose of? (A) maharana kanubha (B) Raja mansingh Tomar (C) Sharon hammer (D) King banquet 8. panjabki thin dam irrigation and hydroelectric project which is on the river? (A) DIA * (B) the Sutlej (C) ravi (D) Jhelum 9. where did the installation of the first urban governance deshmen? (A) nagore (B) Madras (C) Kolkata (D) New Delhi 10. amerikaka the first space station Skylab was launched which day? (A) April 3rd, 1972 (B) may 14, 1973 (C) may 25, 1973 (D) July 28, 1973 5 (a) 10 (b) 9 (b) 4 (c) 8 (c) 3 (a) 7 (d) 2 (b) 1 (d)

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