General knowledge for bank po exam 2020 | Bank PO GK Questions-1

By | April 24
General knowledge for bank po exam 2021 | Bank PO GK Questions | 2021 | general knowledge for bank po exams 2021 | general knowledge for bank po exam online test 

1 Which of the following Indian banks is not a nationalized bank?
(A) Corporation Bank (B) Dena Bank (C) Federal Bank
(D) Vijaya Bank (E) None of these
Ans: (C)

2 foreign capital inflows into India Which of the following is not the method?
(A) FDI (B) NRI deposits (C) FII
(D) No Frills Account (E) None of these
Ans: (D)

In agriculture and allied activities in India in the 3rd dispensation is the highest part of which of the following?
(A) Commercial Banks (B) Co-operative Banks (C) Private Sector Banks
(D) Microfinance Institutions (E) Regional Rural Banks
Ans: (D)

4 In 1969, which of the following was not nationalized bank?
(A) Punjab National Bank (B) Bank of India (C) State Bank of India
(D) Bank of Baroda (E) Bank of Maharashtra
Ans: (C)

5 depositor without any hassles on the death of the account holder‘s nominee to facilitate the payment of the balance of the deposit account, banks in our country, was launched following feature
(A) Will (B) registration (C) Nomination
(D) Compensation (E) guarantee
Ans: (C)

6 Which of the following is not a bank or financial company?
(A) ABN Amro (B) HSBS (C) Lufthanja
(D) BNP Paribas (E) Barklas
Ans: (C)

7 in any financial year the maximum limit of investment in PPF account is how much?
(A) 1 lakh. (B) 70,000 Rs. (C) 50,000 Rs.
(D) 60,000 Rs. (E) There is no limit
Ans: (A)

8 In our country, the Czech release date for payment is valid for Selkitne months.
(A) 3 (B) 6 (C) 9
(D) 12 (E) 18
Ans: (A)

9.-known credit cards are:
(A) Hard Money (B) Easy Money (C) Soft Money
(D) Plasitk Money (E) Real Money
Ans: (D)

10 of our nation’s domestic term deposits for banks which offer higher rates of interest on term deposits received.
(A) minors (B) Married women (C) Government Employees
(D) Village residents (E) Senior Citizens
Ans: (E).

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