Railways RRC / RRB Online Practice Test – 02 Exam 2020 Mock Test in Hindi

By | January 10
RRB Practice Test. Language Selection. English, Hindi Railways RRC / RRB Online Practice Test – 02 Exam 2020 Mock Test in Hindi MCQ questions, sample papers and mock practice RRB Secunderabad Online Mock Test for the Posts of JE and SSE Groups of Centralized Employment Notice No.01/2015, CEN No.01/2015 Mock Test for Practice of JE SSE Group Examination

Railways RRC / RRB Online Practice Test – 02 Exam 2020

Mock Test in Hindi General Questions:

1.Who is the General Manager of S.C. Railway?
2.Who is the Additional General Manager of S.C. Railway?
3 Who is the Pricipal Chief Engineer of S.C. Railway?
4.Who is Chief Administrative Officer/Construction of S.C. Railway?
5.Who is the Chief Personnel Officer of S.C. Railway?
6.Who is the Financial Advisor &Chief Accounts Officer?
7.Where is the Headquarters of Hyderabad Division?
8.Where is the Headquarters of Secunderabad Division?
9.What is the other name of Vijayawada?
10.How many privilege passes are eligible to Group D and Group C employees?
11.How Many Post Retirement passes  are eligible for Group C and D employees, who have
put in 25 years service?
12.In which Division the following stations are situated?
Nanded,  Tirupati, Raichur, Nandiyal, Parli
13.Who is the Prime Minister of India?
14.Where Rail Wheel Factory situated?
15.Who wrote Natioanl Anthem
16.Who is the Present Captain of Indian Cricket?17.Who Invented television?
18.Which is the capital of Uttaranchal?
19.What is the minimum service required for promotion of junior clerk to senior clerk?
20.What is the minimum distance an employee to travel to become eligible for TA/DA?
21.How many days casual leave a fitter in workshop is eligible in a year?
22.How many Zones are there in Indian Railways?
23.How many Workshops are there in Indian Railways?
24.Who is the Minister for Railways?
25.Where is the Railway Board situated?
26.What is the currency of the following countries?
USA ,Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Bangladesh, Russia, China , Sri Lanka, Pakistan
27.Who is Election Commissioner of India?
28.How Many states are there in India?
29.How many Union Territories are there in India?
30.Who is the Chief Justice of India?
31.Who was called as Punjab Kesari?
32.Where is the Railway Museum located?
33.Who is the Head of the Indian Railways?
34.Which Department handles health care of the employees?
35.Who is the Head of the Zonal Railway?
36.How many major workshops are on SC Railway?

37.Who is the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?
38.Who is the Governor of AP?
39.Write any two allowances admissible to you?
40.Write any two allowances admissible to Railway servant?
41.What is meant by D & A Rules?
42.How many sets of passes and PTOs are entitled to a Group D employee who has put in 4
years of service?
43.What are important Tourist places on S.C. Railway?
44.What is the recruitment agency for S.C. Railway?
45.Where is the only Degree College on Indian Railways?
46.What is SBF?
47.Who are the Chairman and members of SBF Committee?
48.What are the schemes introduced by SBF Committee on S.C. Railway?
49.Who is the General Secretary of SCRE Sangh?
50.Who is the General Secretary of SCRM Union?
51.How many Trade unions are recognized on Indian Railways? What are they?
52.Who is the Correspondent for the Railway Schools/Coll

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